With an aspiration of providing cargo transport services with the highest achievable standards, the Pacific shipping company (Pacific) has entered the competitive market of cargo shipping by offering specialized services in accordance with the the customers` needs. The company has been able to provide services, at standard levels, in all its areas of activity related to cargo shipment, along with a team of experienced and responsible personnel.

Pacific always strives to attain the highest levels of customer satisfaction by offering the most cost-effective and reliable solutions to its customers.  One of our goals is to develop and maintain a long-term working relationship with our valued customers. We have been able to bring a work environment with mutual respect and teamwork with an evaluation-performance system focused on decent behavior. Our trained and equipped team is ready to provide services at the highest professional and honest level. 

The Pacific shipping company operates exclusively in the field of sea transportation from across Iran to all worldwide destinations – including the countries of the Persian Gulf, the Middle East, the Far East, Europe, the United States, Australia and Africa.

Our extensive activity in the field of freight transportation gives our customers the assurance that they can send or receive their goods, at their intended time and place, which was achieved by a thorough understanding of the relations and communications with reputable international shipping liners as well as the possession of an experienced team of staff who are ready to offer professional services to domestic/international customers in all areas of activity in the business of cargo transportation. 

Our assurance and trust will always be with customers and their shipments in all stages of logistics shipping. With us, you will experience special services at all stages and levels of professionalism in your field of activity and business in order to gain customer satisfaction as the main goal of Pacific. Our specialists inform you about the shipment of goods and all operations related to shipments in a moment-by-moment, transparent, and complete way – free of time limit – until the on-time arrival of your shipment to its destination, so that the highest levels of satisfaction is created in our customers. We provide these services to you honestly and confidently. 

Pacific, as a coordinator and operator of transportation services, while offering the best offer, has given its customers the opportunity to choose the best and most  economical way of sending their cargo. We have long-term partnerships with major shipping lines and consider the lowest profit to provide economical services to meet the needs of our customers.

Pacific prioritizes the needs of its customers, to efficiently accomplish the procedures related to the safe delivery of your cargo – including documentation, tracking the cargo and updating the customers.

The vast network of Pacific representatives can offer the most competitive rates in the areas of container warehousing, cleaning, detoxification, and delivery.  The possession of complete equipment and facilities is an important factor in the field of import and export. As such, having such facilities should be considered as a factor of strength for Pacific.  Upon the request of a customer, we begin to plan the details of the maritime transport – making immediate direct contacts with the international companies – and will inform you immediately afterwards. We also provide temporary and long-term storage services for our customers.

Our customers can save in time, money, and increase production capacity and flexibility, by taking our services. Pacific seeks to provide complete services in all areas of freight transport. In this respect, we have been able to provide quality air services to our customers when there is a need for fast and direct transportation. Our air team is ready to send your cargo to most parts of the world.